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Tooth fillings or Dental Fillings 

Tooth fillings or cavity filling are individual or combinations of metals, plastics or glass. These materials that are used to repair  teeth. One of the most popular uses for fillings is to fill the area which is removed due to decay. Additionally, these filling materials are also used to repair cracked or chipped teeth and the teeth that have worn down due to various reasons. The tooth filling cost in Pune ,and India varies a lot. 


Composite Resins/Tooth Color Filling

 Nowadays, composite resins are the most commonly  used materials for fillings . These materials is made up of resins such as methacrylate and fillers. Moreover, these filling material closely mimic the color of the tooth. Hence , it’s the material of choice for the cosmetic dental purposes.Look at the composite veneering done in the below image at Bridgeway Dental , Kharadi,Pune.

composite veneers cost in kharadi pune

Advantages of composites 

  • Their color is similar to teeth.
  • It sets as per the wishes of the dentist.
  • It means dentist gets more time to place the filling properly in the cavity.
  • They have great polishing ability, consequently, the composites can be polished easily. It gives them shine same as that of natural teeth.
  •  They have high strength.
  •   These can be used in all types of cavities.


  • These materials are technique sensitive, as a result, they require a lot of clinical experience and  ideal technique to handle.
  • They lack durability because composites wear faster than amalgam fillings.
  • These fillings can  last at least five years, compared  10-15 years for amalgam fillings.
  •  Composites require longer treatment time.
  • The filling can take up to 20 minutes longer than inserting amalgam fillings.
  • Extra visits are required for composite  inlays or inlays.
  • Chipping  of the composite filling material is common in front teeth.
  • The composite fillings can cost twice the  amalgam fillings.

Glass Ionomer/White Color Filling

white color filling cost in pune Glass ionomer is made of  glass. This material is most commonly used for fillings below the gum line. It is also suitable  fillings for young children . In addition to this, glass ionomers release fluoride  that protects the teeth  from further cavities or decay.


  • They prevent secondary decay below the filling as fluoride is released continuously for long period of time.
  •  It adapts well to the cavity preventing any leakage.


  •  The strength is not as good as composites.
  •  It cannot be used in all types of cavities.
  •  It wears faster as compared to composites.
  • They cannot be used in high load areas, such as edges of teeth.

Silver Fillings (Amalgam)

cost of silver fillings

 Silver filling were common for many decades. Recently, they have lost the demand due to some drawbacks ,such as it contains mercury which can  cause toxicity in the humans on the longer run. Even though,  it was one of the best filling material ,but it has been banned in many western countries due  to its negative effects.


  • These fillings last at least 10-15 years.
  • Amalgam generally lasts longer than composite (tooth-colored) fillings.
  • It has very high strength to resist chewing forces.
  •  The cost may be lesser than composite filling.

Disadvantages of silver fillings:

  • Silver fillings do not match natural tooth color. Consequently are highly unaesthetic.
  •  There is destruction of more tooth structure. As It is often necessary to remove parts of healthy teeth to make room for the amalgam filling.
  • Amalgam fillings can discolor the surrounding area of the tooth.
  • Cracks and fractures can be caused by  the amalgam. Because it experiences a greater degree of expansion and contraction. Therefore, higher incidence of cracks can be seen on the longer run.
  •  A small percentage of people are allergic to these fillings.

Tooth Filling Cost In Pune India

Usually the  tooth filling cost varies across the length and breadth of India. However, in cities it varies between  700 to  3000. In Pune , the cost of the dental filling varies between  700 to 2500. Many factors play role in determining the cost of cement filling. .

 Cost of composite filling or tooth color filling in Pune?

Composite filling cost also varies in the same way like all other fillings . In Pune , it varies between 700  to  3000, depending on various factors. 

 Factors determining cost of tooth fillings

  •  Quality of the material used. The dental materials cost varies tremendously. Those which are cheaper give poor results in future.
  • Qualifications of the dentist treating. Specialists charge more than general dentists. However, this may not be always the case.
  •  Technique used while doing the treatment. The better attention paid to the proper steps yields great results.

What is cost of dental filling at Bridgeway Dental Kharadi , Pune?

Well,  to be honest , our treatment charges are fixed to offer high transparency to the patient. We use the highest quality dental material and precise technique to get the best results. On the top of that , we offer free replacement warranty up to 1 year for all types of fillings. In case of any problems with the fillings up to one year, they will be changed without any questions asked.

Cost of composite filling–  1000/tooth


composite filling price


Price of Glass Ionomer filling–  1000/tooth


tooth filling cost near me

Composite veneers-  1500/tooth

dental fillings cost


 Advantage of getting teeth filling done?

Frankly speaking, its the best thing person can do for his health.

Following are the important advantages :

  •  Arrests further decay of teeth by removal of the decayed part and filling it with the new cement.

tooth filling cost in pune

  • Prevents a person from getting a root canal treatment in future. Once the decay is arrested , a person can have healthy teeth till many years, otherwise root canal treatment becomes inevitable.
  • Eliminates bad breath- dental decay consists of bacteria which help in producing bad breath in mouth. As a result, eliminating this decayed part will freshen up the mouth and halitosis will decrease.
  • Saves a person from  tooth extraction in the future.
  •  Removes discoloration from teeth: Firstly, the decayed teeth appear to be dark in color , therefore can be un aesthetic . Dental fillings can mimic the tooth color and bring back the natural color of the teeth.
  • Look at the case done at Bridgeway Dental below. The patient was not able to smile due to discolored teeth , the composite resin filling changed his smile ,and boosted his confidence.

composite filling cost in pune

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