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Firstly, dental cleaning or scaling is a procedure which involves removal of the stains, calculus deposits and debris from the tooth surfaces using ultrasonic scaler. Moreover, this procedure is harmless to the teeth if done following correct protocols. However, dental cleaning cost varies across cities and towns, depending on various factors.


Advantages Of Teeth Cleaning

  •  It removes all the deposits which contain bacteria from the teeth surfaces.
  • Makes the gums healthier.
  •  Dental cleaning prevents the Gingivitis or inflammation of gums.

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  • This prevents the gum infection and bone loss.
  • It enhances the life of the teeth.
  • Scaling reduces  bad breath 
  • It improves oral hygiene 
  • Arrests or decreases early bone loss of the teeth. Most importantly, this is one of the most important advantage  which increases life of the teeth many folds.

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  • There are no disadvantages of dental cleaning.

Procedure of Teeth Cleaning

  •  Firstly, the deposits are removed from the surface of the teeth using an ultrasonic scaler. These deposits are removed grossly in first round of scaling.

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  • After deposits are removed grossly, the each surface of the tooth is cleaned for minor deposits precisely.

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  •  Furthermore, if deeper cleaning is required ,deposits may be removed from the gums also.

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  • Finally , teeth are polished for any rough surfaces.

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How Often Teeth Cleaning Should be Done?

Teeth scaling  should be done every 6 to 8 months and depending on the oral hygiene of the patient. Some people may require every 6 months if they are suffering from any form of gum disease such as periodontitis.


Time Taken for Dental Cleaning

 The time taken in dental cleaning varies from 45 minutes till 1 hour or more, depending on the level of stains and deposits on the teeth surfaces. The average time taken for an adult is 45 minutes.


Dental Cleaning Cost In Kharadi Pune

 The cost of teeth cleaning cost in Kharadi Pune varies among different clinics. It usually ranges from 500 up to as high as 3000 in some clinics.

Dental Cleaning cost at Bridgeway Dental

 Dental cleaning charges in Kharadi  may vary from clinic to clinic. But we have kept a nominal charge of 1200 for all types of patients.



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