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Single sitting root canal in kharadi Pune

Single visit RCT

What is single visit root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment can be performed either in single sitting or multiple sitting. This method is chosen by a dentist based in the nature of the root canal disease and the patient’s demand. However, one must bear this in mind that single sitting root canal cannot be performed on all the cases. Some cases need to be done in multiple appointments.

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Advantages of single sitting RCT

  • Less appointments for the patient
  • Less discomfort for the patient
  • Single use of local anesthetic injection
  • Time saving procedure
  • Apprehensive and fearful patients
  • Uncooperative child
  • Same success rate as multiple visit root canal treatment


  • Longer time needed for first appointment
  • It cannot be performed on all types of cases such as teeth having severe pus and infection.
  • Re- root canal treatment cases
  • Complex and difficult cases

Root canal specialist – Endodontist at Bridgeway Dental Kharadi

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Dr O. Vaid BDS, MDS, endodontist , is fully dedicated advanced root canal specialist. Dr. Vaid has an experience spanning over 10 years and has delivered thousands of root canal treatments in kharadi pune. Besides having advanced degrees in endodontics, Dr. Vaid is keen and passionate in handling complex root canal cases. He has solved a a wide range of problems people faced in root canals from other dentists. Besides root canals he has also advanced degree in conservative and restorative dentistry, which deals with cosmetic and filling procedures. Additionally, Dr Vaid. has been delivering high quality dental crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers in pune.

Role of endodontist in single sitting root canal treatment

Endodontists are proficient in treating root canal disease than general dentists. Besides that they have advanced three years exclusive training in root canal therapy. Therefore, it makes them ideal experts for the single visit root canal treatment.

Importance of single sitting root canal for current generation

This therapy has tremendous advantages for the present job scenarios, the people working late shifts and the people having very less time due to busy office schedules.

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