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dentist near me, root canal treatment,root canal treatment cost                Rs 3300                                      

Firstly ,this falls under the primary specialty of our dental clinic and the root canal treatment price we offer is one of the most affordable in the area. Secondly, our fully dedicated root canal  specialist dentist (Endodontist) is advanced  trained dentist  in the field of root canals. So ,are you are afraid of root canal treatment? Do you want the qualified super specialist to handle you tooth? Then you are at the right place. we pay special attention to give you the long lasting results. Hence, the root canal cost we offer is the most reasonable in Kharadi, Pune 

Nowadays many root canals fail due to improper technique used by the dentist. This is because inadequate training and understanding of the root canal therapy. At Bridgeway Dental we make sure all the root canals are done by the Endodontist. who is a trained expert in the field of root canal and related diseases.

 As the root canal treatment cost varies in different clinics according to the various factors. It depends on the experience, qualifications and level of the treatment .However ,we understand the patient’s conditions. Therefore, we  have kept it at very nominal and  affordable root canal cost. In fact, this is one of the most affordable price offered  for the root canal treatment in the Kharadi , Pune.

Root canal treatment price is mentioned for more transparency.





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 Rs. 3300/

This  is a basic ceramic crown containing inner metal layer and outer ceramic layer. However, It is  highly aesthetic. It is good for molar and premolar teeth.

This type of crown has been delivering the long lasting results. They are very economical at the same time. Most of the dentist recommend this crown because of the economical reasons. The cost of the root canal treatment is separate than cost of the cap.

Treatment Cost- Rs 3300

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Implants are used for replacement of missing teeth. Our highly qualified Implantologist ( a specialist dentist) makes the procedure simple and stress free. Firstly, dental implants are very successful and non invasive way to replace missing teeth. Secondly, this   is a  pain-free procedure ,and time taken is very less. However , we need to evaluate the bone before placement of implant to determine the eligible candidate.

(in 3 easy Installments)

, dentist near me, root canal treatment cost

Firstly, let me say that a root canal treatment can fail if its not done properly . It can lead to pain and discomfort after months and years of the initial treatment. The problem usually lies with the various errors done during the   root canal treatment or improperly given cap by the dentist. 


Therefore, to overcome this problem, the faulty root canal treatment can be corrected. The tooth can be given again a new chance to live by the dentist. Moreover, this procedure is  performed by our expert endodontist (root canal specialist). The root canal treatment price is mentioned for more transparency.



Cost – Rs 4000/-

dentist near me , root canal treatment cost

Braces can bring back your long lost smile. Our orthodontist (specialist dentist) is expert at this field. This is the best treatment modality for crooked teeth and gives permanent solution without damaging the original teeth. We are also in collaboration with Toothsi , a reputed company for the clear aligners in India.

( in easy monthly intsallments)

dentist , dental clinic , dentist near me , dentist near me, root canal treatment priceAre you not able to smile ? Don’t worry . We  bring back your smile by various procedures like veneers , whitening, space closure  etc. In this procedure minor gaps between the teeth can be closed using  the tooth color filling material.

 This is very economical treatment. We have successfully brought back smiles of many patients with this procedure. The above picture is of a lady , who had severe gap in her teeth from childhood. However , we transformed her smile and now she can confidently smile at her office from past three years.

The material used is the composite resin, most of the gaps can be closed by this material. This is tooth color material with very good results. The procedure is non-invasive . The original form of the tooth is retained without any trimming or cutting. In conclusion, this procedure can change the way you smile and increase your confidence level.

Treatment cost- Rs 1500/tooth

filling cost , dental filling cost , dentist near me , best dentist in kharadi, root canal treatment priceFirstly, Composite resins have revolutionized the way filling is done. Secondly ,the fillings have tooth like color, which gives it the life like appearance. This procedure is highly beneficial for the front teeth and in many conditions in posterior teeth also. This procedure is performed by our dentist within a very less amount of time

Treatment cost- Rs 1000/tooth

emax crowns cost in Kharadi Pune

Firstly ,full Ceramic caps are highly aesthetic. The color matches with the adjacent teeth. Besides the  color, they are very durable, and highly biocompatible with the body tissues. So this is one of the most cost effective all ceramic crown we offer.  It comes with with 5 years replacement warranty. These are the best products recommended by our dentist.

Treatment cost- Rs 6000

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Are you suffering from dark colored gums?. We have the permanent solution for making them look pink enough. So that you can smile with confidence. This procedure is painless ,and can give you optimum results. Moreover, the  dentist who specializes in this procedure is called as periodontist. Our dental clinic specializes in this procedure .

dentist in kharadi, dentist near me Firstly, severe sensitivity while drinking cold or hot water can be very irritating. So the quality of life is highly reduced due to this problem. Therefore, to overcome this problem ,we have the instant permanent solution with long lasting results. 

The procedure is painless and non invasive where in all the teeth are densensitized by using latest dental materials and technology.

        Rs. 300/Tooth

dental clinic in kharadi , dentist near me ,

Firstly, this is one of the most commonly occurring problem is bleeding gums. Our specialist has the permanent solution for you. Yes , bleeding gums are caused by the gum disease which can be treated permanently. At our dental clinic in Kharadi, Pune we have successfully treated many patients for this problem. Most of them thought that this problem can never be solved. Above all, have a fully dedicated gum disease specialist for this problem. In conclusion, this problem can be permanently solved .

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