Painless Root Canal

Painless Root Canal In Pune

Painless or pain free root canal in Pune  has become a reality nowadays . Many people want their root canal to be as painless as possible , however there are many factors which make a root canal pain free. 

Most of the people fear getting a root canal done due to anxiety related to the pain associated with the root canal treatment. Painless root canal in Pune and India has been a new way of looking at this procedure.painless dental treatment in kharadi pune india


Factors that make a root canal painless

  1. Level of Infection : More is the infection in the involved tooth more are the chances for having pain during the procedure because the anesthetics injections seem to penetrate less in the severely infected tissues around the tooth.infected tooth, dentist kharadi puneSolution : While normal anesthetic agents may not penetrate the severely infected tissues but special numbing injections and techniques have been quite successful in overcoming this problem.
  2.  Proper Numbing Technique : Let me stress upon this. This factor is the most crucial among all. Many well trained dentists fail to give a proper nerve block which is the main factor in making the dental procedure painless. Therefore, choosing the right dentist or a specialist endodontist for your root canal treatment is the most important thing.
  3.  Root Canal Skills : Besides above mentioned facts, the skills of the dentist matter a lot. Those dentist who have well established skills to perform a root canal treatment tend to  give more comfort to the patient during entire procedure. Endodontists are more proficient in doing the painless root canals , as they have been well trained in various skills which form the essential part of the root canal treatment.
  4. Pain control after the root canal: Most of the people experience a lot of pain after the first sitting of the root canal therapy. Giving proper medication  along with the post operative instructions form another important element of the painless root canal treatment. Many dentist fail to give proper medication which otherwise might bring more comfort to the patient.

Painless root canal at Bridgeway Dental, Kharadi Pune

At Bridgeway Dental , Kharadi, Pune , we cover almost all the aspects of the painless root canal treatment. Most of the patients treated at our clinic tend to show high comfort levels during and after the root canal treatment.

We take care of the following aspects:

  • we have dedicated root canal specialist, endodontist for all your root canal procedures , who has delivered more than 10000 root canal and crowns from last 10 years.
  • The next aspect is the pre and post root canal pain control, which we have mastered and have been giving us good results.


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