This page examples of various dental treatment in kharadi clinic, Pune. All the pictures are of the real patients treated at Bridgeway dental, kharadi Pune


Root Canal Treatment In Molar Teeth

root canal treatment in kharadi

This image shows the completed root canal treatment of the lower molar teeth. This is the most common dental treatment in kharadi clinic .  Initially, the  patient was scared of the root canal, but later on she liked the treatment and had positive experience than the previous dentist. The treatment was completed with zirconia crown. In most of the cases treatment is completed with the zirconia crowns and bridges.

Retreatment  of Failed Root canal Treatment

root canal treatment in kharadi

 Failure of the root canal treatment is the second largest dental problem faced by the people. This type of dental treatment in kharadi is performed by our endodontic specialist , who has done post graduation in treating root canal diseases. The above case shows incomplete root canal done by the previous dentist. The canal was filled short of the length. This case re-root canal treatment in Kharadi clinic was performed and desired results were obtained. The cost of such treatment is mentioned on our website.

Failed Root Canal Treatment- Dental Treatment In Kharadi

root canal doctor in kharadi

The above patient came with severe swelling with the front tooth region, which was already treated by the previous dentist one year back. The reason for failure was the wrong choice of the root canal filling, which was later on replaced and corrected. The patient is facing no problem from last three years after the treatment.

Retrograde Root Canal -Dental Treatment In Kharadi 

root canal treatment in kharadi

This case presented with severe swelling of the upper front face region. Upon examination , the root canal filling was seen gone beyond the apex of the tooth, into bone area. The gum  surgery was done and filling was removed. The root canal was done using the retrograde technique. The patient is happy from last three years .This treatment involved multiple intervention from our dental specialists.



This patient has undergone multiple root canal treatments in the front teeth which included fiber pins and crown lengthening. Finally, CAD-CAM metal ceramic crowns were given in form two bridges . The outcome was beautiful smile and happiness for the patient.

Fiber Post(Pin), Root Canal and Ceramic Bridges

root canal treatment in kharadi

The case was presented at Bridgeway Dental Kharadi, Pune, with the rocking long span bridge on the front teeth region. Upon examination, destruction of multiple teeth was seen below the improperly placed dental bridge. Root canal treatment in Kharadi clinic was done and post( fiber Pin) was placed in the selected teeth to regain the strength. Finally , full ceramic multiple dental bridges were placed to regain the smile and confidence of the patient. The patient is happy from last two years with respect to treatment. The crowns and bridges in Kharadi, Bridgeway Dental are one of the most affordable and precise.

Full Ceramic Dental Bridge

root canal treatment in kharadi

The female patient presented with pain and severe decay in the multiple teeth. Root canal was performed, along with placement of the fiber post o multiple teeth. Consequently, full ceramic bridge was placed , which perfectly matched with the adjacent teeth to regain the smile and confidence of the patient. The crowns and bridges in Kharadi clinic are made up of best ceramic.

Composite Veneering- Dental Treatment In Kharadi

root canal treatment in kharadi

The patient presented us with the difficulty in smiling from last 20 years due to fracture and wide gap in her incisors. The smile was corrected using composite resin or tooth colored filling within two hours. The treatment was very economical and least invasive for the patient. The patient is having no complaints from last three years.

Single Ceramic Crown

root canal treatment in kharadi

The patient had suffered from accident in childhood and the front tooth was broken. The root canal was performed and Zirconia crown was placed to bring back the lost smile in this young patient. The white color stains were copied in the crown to give natural appearance.

E-Max Zirconia Crown –  

Dental Treatment In Kharadi

best dental clinic in kharadi

The root canal treatment was done on this patient and patient was given e-max crown, which has better esthetics and translucency than normal ceramic  crown. These crowns closely mimic the natural teeth.

Bruxzir  Ceramic Crown

zirconia crown cost in kharadi

Root canal treatment was performed and Bruxzir crowns were given. The patient complained of clenching or grinding of of teeth at night. These ceramic caps have very  high strength, making them ideal for the patients with severe biting forces , such as cases with bruxism.

Metal Ceramic Crown

metal ceramic caps cost in kharadi Pune

The root canal treatment was done and basic metal ceramic crowns were given. This gave her the optimum results , which were cost effective.

Zirconia Classic Crown

ceramic crown cost in Pune

The root canal was done and patient was given zirconia classic crowns . The strength and color of the caps was closely matching the natural teeth.

Cantilever Ceramic Bridge

Cantilever bridge

The patient complained to gap in the front teeth region. The more conservative bridge like cantilever was chosen and only support of one tooth was taken. Therefore ,saving one tooth of the patient from trimming.


Teeth Gap Closure With Composites

teeth gap filling cost

The minor gaps in the teeth can be closed with composite resins or tooth color material. This patient did not want to get the braces treatment, therefore ,gaps were closed using tooth color filling material.

Diastema Closure/Gap closure

midline gap closure

This case presented with a  huge midline gap. Patient was not ready to go for any kind of crown. Therefore , composite resin buildup was done to regain his smile.

 E-max  Zirconia Crown

emax crowns cost in Kharadi Pune

Patients aesthetic requirement was high, therefore perfect color matching was achieved using e-max zirconia crowns.

Full Mouth  Metal Ceramic Crowns

ceramic crown cost in pune

An aged patient presented with poor oral health and grossly damaged teeth. Upon diagnosis, root canal was done in lower teeth and  12 metal ceramic crowns were given , which allowed the patient to regain his chewing capacity.

Composite Fillings/ Tooth Color Filling

composite filling cost in pune

Patient presented with decay and discoloration in many teeth. This was due to the poor quality orthodontic treatment received from many years. The composite resin fillings were done to regain the smile.

 Inlay Filling

Crowns and bridges in kharadi

The patient presented with huge silver fillings , which were degraded. Due to large size of the cavities, the ceramic inlay fillings were given.A

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