How to find best dentist in Kharadi Pune?


Well , to be honest with everyone, finding a right dentist has become quite difficult in the present scenario considering the plethora of options around. I will be discussing the ways to find a right dentist in Kharadi area in Pune.

To begin with , let me tell you the fact that dentistry has been divided in 7 or 8 specializations, who deal with the different types of treatments. Dentistry being a vast field cannot be learnt by a single person, owing to the vast number of skills to be learnt .


Choose best dental Specialist

Even though many general dentists are doing great treatments, but the first way to chose a right dentist is to search for the concerned specialist for your problem.

best dentist in Kharadi


  • Endodontist– Specialist for root canal treatment
  • Prosthodontist– specialist for dentures( removable or fixed)
  • Orthodontist– specialist for braces
  • Oral surgeon – Specialist for oral surgeries
  • Periodontist– Specialist for gum disease and Implants.
  • Pedodontist- Deals with Kids dentistry
  • Oral pathologist/Oral medicine specialist- deal in diagnosing and treat various oral disease

So , it will be wise for you first to search a right dental specialist for your problem so that you are in the right hands.


Choose a best dentist with moderate dental Charges

The charges for the dental treatments vary among different areas and dental clinic . The first priority will be to choose a dentist whose charges are moderate and the treatment outcome is good . In this way a lot of money can be saved for a treatment.

But make sure that the quality of the treatment should not be compromised at any cost , because poorly done dental treatments tend to fail in the longer run.

The primary cause can be attributed to the poor technique use and lower quality of the dental material used.


Choose a dentist who follows hygiene and protocols

Among various other things to looks for , dental clinic should be hygienic and all the sterilization protocols should be followed . This will prevent you from the various heath hazards posed by a dental treatment.


Choose Quality Over Money

 As  I always say, don’t fall for the money trap.

Many dental clinics tend to offer treatments at very less costs, but trust me in my 10 years of practice , I have seen most of such cases tend to fail in a year or two , causing great stress and loss for the patients.


Bridgeway Dental( Our dental clinic)

 Our clinic has fully dedicated specialists for the root canal treatment (Endodontist), gum disease and Implantologist( periodontist). Besides this we have visiting consultants for braces, dentures and children.


  • dedicated root canal specialist( endodontist)
  • dedicated gum disease and implant specialist
  • consultants for other specialties
  • highly accurate dental crowns
  • long term support for patient
  • high success rate for all treatments


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